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Those who work with the Life Bike group live in a dynamic, orderly and constantly growing environment.

Every day is different from the previous one and every day we build our customers' satisfaction and our future.

For us, the customer is our mission

Because we firmly believe in our Values ​​that professionalism, respect and customer service make the difference and contribute to our solidity and fuel our growth.

The Life Bike Group believes in value and in human potential!


We are looking for Mountain Bike Tour Leader Guides who respect these parameters:

• Does work with and about people

• Must have a high degree of autonomy, flexibility, creativity and diplomacy

• Know the history, the traditions of its territory

• Know and speak at least discretely English or another European language

• Able to properly conduct a bike and with good mechanical knowledge

• Must have a First Aid Certificate

• Must have civil liability insurance.

Send your application and you will be contacted directly by our staff

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